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Butch Hall handcrafts precision tuned native American style flutes at affordable prices.  Butch builds the 15 note, extended range native American style flutes heard on many best selling native American flute albums.  Butch's Little Horse A minor basic flute is the top selling native American style flute worldwide.  Butch has also published a lesson & songbook with CD, a native American traditional songbook with CD, and a favorite hymns songbook that all work with any tuned native American flute.  Butch uses premium cedar and select hardwoods like walnut and cherry. 

Getting To Know Butch

More than forty-five years of traditional woodworking experience, combined with an incredible mechanical aptitude, have provided Butch Hall with the skills to become one of America's premier Native American style flute makers.  His exquisitely crafted instruments have become the flute of choice for many recording artists and novices alike.  Butch is fortunate to work full time in flute making - that which he is truly passionate about.  Indeed, his favorite activites are:  woodworking, playing the flute, traveling, and meeting people.  Most of his life, Butch has worked in wood, so he has a deep respect and appreciation for the knowledge he has accumulated.  Butch began making and playing flutes in 1993.  As he's had no formal musical training, Butch has learned to "play by ear" as they say.  Since 1995 Butch has recorded four native American flute style albums, Tranquil Vistas, Wind Dancing, Canyon Dreams, and Sonoran Nights.  The first three albums are solo flute, while the latest, Sonoran Nights, features the accompaniment by Peter Phippen and Ken Godey on acoustic guitar, keyboard, beimbau and wind chimes.  These albums make a great addition to any music collection.

Most weekends you will find Butch and Laura traveling around the country performing and promoting his flutes at art and craft festivals and Native American showcases.  Being able to take his flutes on the road and meet the people who will learn to play them is rewarding for Butch.  To see a person play for the first time, and get a sweet note from the flute is so much fun!

When not on the road you will find them home in Weatherford, Texas, and likely Butch will be busy at work in his custom built and outfitted shop.  When you walk in the door there is no doubt that you have walked into the shop of a master woodworker.  Evenings find the couple in the kitchen with family and friends.  Butch often cooks gourmet meals, while Laura accompanies with bread, desserts, and baking.  What a team!  Stick around, and after dinner he'll teach you a few new rifts on the flute.  Get him going, and you're likely to end up in his studio laying down a few tracks!

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